SPADES: System for Parallel Agent Discrete Event Simulation

(previously known as MPADES)

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This project is distinct from the SPaDES/Java project, which is also a simulation infrastructure. Sorry for the name collision.

What is it?

SPADES is a middleware system for the creation of artificial intelligence agent-based simulations. An agent is a software entity that has a continual sense-think-act cycle interaction with the simulated world. SPADES tracks the computation time used by the agents as a fundamental component of the agent's behavior. The system handles distribution of the simulation across machines and uses a novel algorithm (tailored to the simulation of agents) for out of order execution of simulation events, as well as being robust to variations in the network and machine load.

SPADES is a middleware system. It is designed to handle some of the tricky parts of running a distributed simulation for the aritficial intelligence community without being tied to any one particular simulation.

What advantages does it have?

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What's the status?

The system is implemented and fully functional. I am currently quite happily using the system for some of the simulations for my own research.

The system is also being used for the new 3D server of the Soccer Server.

This system is also under active developement.

There is extensive documentation which is somewhat up to date.

More information?

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